• Now in stock - exclusive cards, hand-drawn by Elka Ray - contact us for wholesale!

  • The cards are all photographed around here, at the Wallasey end of the Wirral peninsula!

  • Coming soon in 2014, our line of local postcards, by local photographers!

  • The whole collection will be available soon

  • Easy to find us - the name is Grove Rd, but we are at 260 Wallasey Village!

  • We are always happy to meet new customers - please do pop in!

  • Released on 7th January 2014, these Classic Children's TV show stamps are, well, classic!

Treat Those You Love!

We have a nice selection of cards for all occasions, so come in and choose something nice for your friends and relatives- we are convinced that most of the supermarket competition sells not only at much higher prices than ours, but also much inferior quality - we stock the best quality cards and sell at the best prices!

Online purchasing coming soon!

We have just launched our website, so our carefully selected online offering is not live yet, but coming soon. You will ba able to order and pay online, and have your items mailed to you (or to anyone else, for that matter!), or collect from us at a convenient time.

Stationery for Office and School

From Felt Tips to notebooks, rubber bands to diaries, trolley tokens and even in-car mobile charger plugs, always take a look on our shelves before you look anywhere else!

Customized Coffee Mugs

Our custom coffee mugs have been a great hit with everyone who's received them! Just email your picture in, or submit it right here via the website, and we will do the rest. If you want to make a deal, regarding large numbers, your own font style etc - please just let us know!

Our Post Office

Based in Wallasey Village, in the centre of Wallasey. Around us is a large residential area, of approximately 8000 residents, which backs onto Harrison Park, and beyond that, the grassed seafront and the Irish Sea. It is a lovely area, the people are great, and there's plenty to do and see here.

Why Choose Us?

We only took over our Post Office a year ago - January 2013 - and wow, as first time owners, boy was there a lot to learn! One of the first things we addressed was the retail space, having a bit of a re-shuffle, expanding the display space, whilst making the shop brighter. After that, we set about making the queues move a bit more quickly - when we took over, a term in our contract was that we must open lunchtimes and Wednesday afternoons - which doesn't bother us at all - and as a result, some of our regular customers with the largest volumes of post happily changed the times they come, and now everyone is getting served much quicker!

For all your mail, banking, travel money and insurance, greeting cards, photocopying, stationery and a whole lot more ...

Come and See Us - at #groverdPO!

Greetings Cards

Here is a selection of some the cards that we sell. They are not currently available online - this is just to give you a taster. Our suppliers are carefully selected nationwide - and beyond - our handmade suppliers include a lady who lives round the corner, as well as a small outlet in Vietnam! We choose very carefully, as when we took over the shop it already had a fantastic reputation in the area for good cards, We have been very careful to keep the prices down and the quality up - our prices are less than in supermarkets, but all of our cards are of far better calibre, from the paper to the print, and the design and even the envelopes. If you find any cards cheaper, they won't be as good, and any cards better will be a sight more expensive!
Please note - these cards were scanned in their cellophane wrap.

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